QR Coding

QR Coding is a powerful, fast and cost-effective way to access equipment information, using smartphones and tablets.


For a quick overview of how QR codes work in business, please read the Case Study below, it answers most questions.

SHC (Sample Hire Company) have a wide range of equipment in their hire fleet such as work platforms, scissor lifts etc. They spend a lot of time demonstrating the correct and safe operation to each new client hiring the machines.
Eaton Laser assisted SHC setting up a Dropbox data storage account, then SHC created a folder in Dropbox for each item of machinery in their fleet. This is a very simple process to set up and maintain.
SHC then set about making instructional video’s, simply using a smartphone, and saving the video clips into each machines folder.
All of this done directly from a smartphone.
Meanwhile, Eaton Laser were making plastic and stainless steel data plates for each machinery item. These plates display SHC contact information and logo, plus the machinery ID and a QR code. The plates are then fitted by SHC to each machinery item.
SHC now play the instructional video on a pc or tablet for the client, before the machine leaves their yard. Out on the jobthe client can simply use a smartphone* and scan the QR code on the machine, to automatically view the instructional video for that machine on their phone. This works very well when the person picking up the hire equipment isn’t the person who will be operating it.
SHC have a second QR code on their machine data plates, it’s a link to a folder containing other general machine safety videos and documents, plus emergency procedures and contact information.
SHC have full control of adding & replacing documents and instructional video’s etc at any time they wish, and only purchase new QR coded data plates as new machinery comes into the fleet.
SHC spend much less time demonstrating the use of machinery to each new client, and don’t leave out necessary information, the training video’s and documents say/show it all.
SHC were concerned about clients accessing their Dropbox storage, but access restrictions apply and the documents/videos can only be viewed by clients. Documents can only be edited/deleted by SHC approved staff.
SHC are now adding a QR code to their data plates (only accessible by SHC staff). This QR code links to machine maintenance information for use by their field service mechanics. The mechanics simply scan the QR code, the machines folder opens on their phone, and they choose from the following…
  • Special maintenance documentation/videos – eg: hidden grease nipples that must not be missed etc.
  • A spreadsheet with the machine maintenance history, which is updated by the mechanic at the end of the job, on site.
  • Another spreadsheet containing Part numbers/suppliers for filters, lube oil types, special notes for the machine etc.
SHC are now looking into a complete maintenance reporting program such as MEX which works on iPad with QR codes.
  • SHC are saving time and money, and have enormously improved their documentation systems.
  • Their machines are now being operated in a safer manner with less damage.
  • Their clients love the professional approach and the ease of access to information on the machinery they hire.
The benefits of QR codes providing instant links to information are enormous for businesses, their staff, and their clients.
Eaton Laser Engraving have several methods for setting up QR codes on plastic and stainless steel data plates.
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*Requires phone data connection.

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